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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What i would like to have in the upcoming iPhone 6

Rumour-mill is going crazy about the new iPhone, or iPhones, that will launch in 2014 and i have some ideas of what i´d want in it, or them, but i´m not very interested in the big one, if it comes.

And i´m not talking about crazy stuff like 10x zoom camera, holographic screen or rocket launchers. Just some minor enhancements for a daily use.

The one that made me gather these ideas was from one of the supposed mock-ups, that shows a curved glass over the screen. This attracts me from the good ideas from the past, that where not implemented in a large scale, but i value in a great scale: navigation gestures, that was the main point in the awesome, but mostly useless Nokia N9. This device didn´t have navigation buttons, for those unfamiliar, using only gestures at the edges of the screen for going back to previous screens, closing applications or going back to the home screen. It worked like a charm and the iPhone already have some of these functionalities, but the raw edge of the glass that covers the screen just spoils the use of them.

Other wish comes like this: STOP RELOADING ALL THE FUCKING APPS WHEN I REOPEN THEM! I don´t know if this is Apple´s fault or the app develloper´s fault, but i´ll leave it here anyway. You´re reading something and a message comes up. You go there, read it and respond, and when you´re back, the app goes to the beginning of the feed and you spend all eternity looking for where you where. Stop it.

I don´t have any highly confidential information on my phone and i can´t stand to insert a password every time i unlock it, and i unlock it like a thousand times a day (and that little puzzle game on Android doesn´t make it any easier). So i beg you to slap the fingerprint sensor on all iPhones and i don´t car if it gets broken after a couple of months, because at least i´ll have some time of security for all my precious information and non naked photos. Oh, and so i don´t have to type my ultra secure password, with letters, numbers and smiley faces every time i download a lyrics app that doesn´t work.

I want to have the ability to simple disconnect a bluetooth device, without having to forget it or turn it off (will i go to jail for not capitalizing "bluetooth"?)

And why the heck i can´t put the music on my computer in my girlfriend´s phone without erasing it? Huh?

But if Apple wish to put up some rocket launchers or a laser (even if it only used to point to the stars), i´ll take it.

Anything else?

More pictures and a video (in koreish or something) of this dummy iPhone here.

Update: 128, 256GB and up versions that doesn´t cost more than a lifetime of M&Ms or a car.

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