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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Solving a basic problem: calibrating the Fanatec Porsche GT2 wheel center

Can´t you even get the pictures right, Fanatec?
I´m getting the grips with my dreaded Fanatec Porsche GT2 steering wheel lately and i´m posting some of my problems and solutions here.

A simple one was that i couldn't get it to calibrate its center position with the method described in the manual and nothing of help was found in the interwebs. Until i noticed and tried a very little detail that was in the most obvious place of them all.

The basic procedure to center this steering wheel is simple: power on, let it calibrate (rotate to one side and back to center), turn PC mode on by holding the back button, hold two buttons, press the Xbox one and release all three, as viewed in the image.

I tried this method a thousand times, which didn't work of course, and had two problems with it:
1- there´s no indicator that you are in PC mode, so how could i know if i was doing it right?
2- after all the steps, nothing happens and i can't turn the Xbox mode on, so i had to turn it off and on again (this). This gave me the impression that i was losing my modification, not saving it.

Finally i see this text in the FAQ page of the Fanatec website:

  • Power wheel on
  • Set wheel into PC mode (using FW 750+ you can also set the wheel center in standby mode "- - -")
  • Turn the wheel to its center position
  • Press and hold the L3 and R3 buttons on your wheel rim
  • Additionally press the "Base Button"to set the wheel center. It will be stored in the firmware now.

  • Something caugth your eye?


    Set wheel into PC mode (using FW 750+ you can also set the wheel center in standby mode "- - -")

    How about now?

    A little more:

    (using FW 750+ you can also set the wheel center in standby mode "- - -")

    This is the answer. Ignore the part of the instructions that say to turn on PC mode. I know from previous searches that i have the 756 (i think) software version, so i tried this way, the wheel turned Xbox mode on when i pressed the Xbox button and it was finally freaking centred!

    I hate this wheel for so many reasons, that will become clear in time, as i post my saga here, and this one is not a minor one and contributes for my future decision of not buying a Fanatec when i have the chance to upgrade my stuff.

    I´m just glad that it´s solved and hope to help someone with the same struggle.

    And yes, i´m still playing Xbox 360. And i miss my G27 a lot.

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