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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Westwood electric guitar review

You are walking to your destination in the morning and looking for a coffee. You see two coffee shops that have those tables in the windows for people that have to show their coolness by "working" on their laptops. Both are closed. Too early for cool people.

Then you just walk in the first one on your way, expecting nothing more than a decent hot beverage and some food. But, to your surprise, you are greeted by some genuinely cheerful staff AND they have black coffee, filtered, drip brewed, not that "Americano" bullshit.

The place is clean and inviting, the service is very good and you have a BLT with some great ingredients in a delicious bread covered in sesame seeds. This happened to me and i had a great day.

Another thing that happened to me was that i bought a guitar. I have played a little since my teenageness but nothing serious. I was craving for some playing, did my research and found a cheap Stratocaster style on the internet and went for it.

This was a Westwood guitar. Red, because my old piece of shite is black and i can't stand that burned, orangey, brown one. The internet told me that this brand made some good acoustic guitars and i just wanted to fill a gap, play the Rocksmith game on my PS3 and hope that i'll learn to play it properly this time. But i had quite a shock when the guy showed me what i was getting in the store.

He pointed me to a black case on the floor and i thought, that's a mistake, i came for the cheap one. He checked the order and handed it over to me with a smile. I walked out of the shop feeling like i was robbing someone and fleeing the police.

When i got home i opened this beautifully made case, with chromed details and was baffled. The guitar was there, comfortably sitting on this velvet interior, accompanied by a strap, a bag with 3 plectrums, a cable and an instructional DVD.

I was expecting a cardboard box containing a toy, with barbed wire strings, maybe wrapped in plastic. The strings are D'Addario. The case is fancier than my travel suitcases and a similar one costs 65 euros. The whole guitar costs 95. Baffled.

I'm no expert, not even close. But this guitar sounds nice enough to me and appears to be built properly, it feels sturdy. It is light years away from the "cheap" one that i have. Some say that there's no such thing as cheap and cheerful. That coffee and that guitar certainly cheered me up.

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