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Thursday, May 15, 2014

PS3 and Logitech G27 wheel: compatibility list and impressions

Until this day, racing games are launched without steering wheel support (looking to you NFS Rivals) and i always find myself looking for this info on the interwebs. Seeing that this is my favorite kind of game, i decided to gather my experience in this post, to help others like me.

So here is my list of PS3 games that work with steering wheel controllers, based on my experience or information that i found on my searches (in alphabetical order).

Most of them come from my ownership of the Logitech G27 and others with the previous owned Driving Force GT.

Baja, Edge of Control: played it a long time ago, with a a Driving Force GT wheel, but worked good and it was good fun.
Burnout Paradise: they added steering wheel support after launch, i guess (i bought the game before buying my first wheel) and when i used it, i didn´t like. it was "loose" and hard to drift, which is important in this game. Terrible with a wheel, but one of the best games of all time.
Dirt: didn´t play it but "they" say it works good.
Dirt 2: works great, have in game settings for maximum personal taste compatibility, and i had lots of fun with it. a benchmark.
Dirt 3:
Dirt Showdown: not so good. They arcadesized it too much, but fun.
F1 2010: works great.
Fuel: doesn´t work.
Gran Turismo 5: GT5 is the best handling. No tweaking like Dirt 2, besides a general selection from
Gran Turismo 6: GT6 is just a (bad) evolution and kept his predecessor´s system.
Grid: works good, but is a game that i found weird...
Grid 2: it´s worse.
Juiced 2: awesome idea, terrible gameplay anyway.
Midnight Club Los Angeles: it works, although weird. UPDATE: this was my impression using the Driving Force GT. Now playing it with the G27, guess what? It works only whit manual gearbox, and by that i mean fully manual shifting with the H-shifter. No sequential changes with the paddles or automatic changes! What a mess, a joke, a fucking waste of my...
Need For Speed Carbon: works good, i´ve played it a lot, but the game is a little old.
Need For Speed Most Wanted (PS2 version on PS3): doesn´t work at all.
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012: works with about 200 degrees and mild force feedback. Good game but not very realistic.
Need For Speed ProStreet: beautiful game and very disappointing physics. The wheel works but it cant´t make you like it.
Need For Speed: Rivals: EA said since launch that it won´t support steering wheels on any platform, including the Xbox 360 and PC (what the fuck?) The community has hope they will add support for it later. I don´t. We´re doomed..
Need For Speed Shift: works great and you can tweak the degrees of rotation, force feedback, sensitivity, with separate settings for drift. Gameplay is weird, with great sense of speed and immersion, but it got me some time to adjust to it and had fun.
Need For Speed Shift 2: same as the previous one.
Need For Speed Undercover: it works but it´s not very good.
Motorstorm: i don´t think none of them works.
Sega Rally Revo: it works.
Superstars V8 Racing: a little soft, but nice.
Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends: it´s a little rough, despite settings for up to 900 degrees of rotation, sensitivity and dead zone (the last two for pedals too), but good to play.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2): it works, including the 6 speed H-shifter and clutch. Not much realism, but good fun.

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