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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WTF: Arrow´s Laurel Lance is played by the same actress in all seasons!

So this Arrow TV series is awesome. I watched the 3 seasons available until this day and i liked very much, especially accompanied by The Flash series.

But when you get to the end of season 1 and begins season 2 there´s a shock: the character Laurel Lance, a lawyer that plays a central role in the series, being Oliver Queen´s ex and detective Lance´s daughter is very very different.

So i thought: it´s a shame they replaced the actress, because the one from the first season is prettier. Now, starting in season 2, Laurel is skinnier and overall uglier to my taste.

So i googled it and got very confused by the pictures in image search, cause i only found one name for the actress playing her role in all of them - Katie Cassidi.

So i finally found this Reedit thread that discuss this diference and it turns out that she just lost weight. There were plastic surgery speculations but they don´t seem to have happened.

So it´s really weight loss and a different haircut. A ma zing. For me, different of others in the discussion cited, for the worst.

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