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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Adidas NXT LVL SPD 3 basketball shoes: impressions and pictures

I love and used to play basketball. A month ago i was shopping online for some new shoes and, this time, couldn't resist buying a pair with that intention, even if i don´t have any plans to play for now.

They were just the prettiest ones that i´ve seen in my price range, from a good brand and with the specs that i wanted, most notably weight and with a cushioned sole.

So the abbreviated Adidas Next Level Speed 3 was a great choice, being very comfortable for daily use and long walks.

The NXT LVL SPD 3 was launched in april of 2015 and you can buy it here for around 100 bucks by Adidas, but i think i saw it cheaper by other vendors. You can check out the other colors too: white/red/black, blue/black (very nice), grey/black and all black (which is all leather, apparently).

They are light as my previous running shoes and more comfortable. Very comfortable indeed. So as of now i can only really recommend them for casual use and long walks, but when i find myself in the  mood for shooting some hoops i´ll update here with more information.

Now enjoy a shitload of pictures, which i find useful for potential buyers, since i struggled to take a better look at this Adidas when i was making my decision.

This is the dept of the sole inside

Any questions?

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