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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Things that i can do, more or less

Mapex drums and old guitar
My drum kit and guitar
Here i would like to list the things that i can do in any level of competence. I don´t see myself as an expert about anything but i like a lot of subjects and i´ve learned a lot trough the years.

Many things interest me and i like to learn new things, how they work and how they are done.

This post is a work in progress.

Communication skills

- i can teach
- i can write


- i can play the drums
- i can play the guitar
- i can (could?) play the keyboard

Computers - Hardware

- i can build a computer
- i can change parts of computers and notebooks, both PCs an Macs

Computers - Software

- i can use Photoshop, mostly for graphic design
- i have used Corel Draw and Illustrator for graphic design, vector drawing, etc.
- i can build 3D models in Autodesk 3DS Max Studio and render them quite well
- i can build 3D models in SolidWorks and render them in 3DS Max
- i can build 3D models in Alias Design, but i don´t like it
- i can build 3D models in SketchUp
- i can "make music" using FL Studio app
- i can edit videos
- i can fix software issues in computers


- i can build a full functioning website with Joomla! content management system
- i can understand an do simple modifications in web languages and tools like HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL


- i can take good pictures with a professional camera
- i can apply hacks to mobile phones


- i can play basketball
- i can play ping-pong

Manual work

- i can create stuff with wood, cutting, sanding, glueing, hammering
- i can create stuff with metal, cutting, sanding, soldering
- i can create stuff with plastic, moulding, mixing resin, sanding
- i can fix some electrical appliances


- i can solve a Rubik's Cube up to the second layer

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