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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review: Yogo Battery Case for iPhone 5c

Finally i got the case with a built-in battery, or the battery case like some call it, for my iPhone 5c. I think this is a very useful accessory for those days that i did not plan a night out or was on the street for longer and the iPhone did not follow my energy.

I tought about buying this in China, a generic one, but some searching in Google showed me reports of poor reliability and durability of those models, so i went for this, sold in an Apple Premium Resseller.

The case comes with two parts: the base is where the battery, the lightning connector and holes for the microphone audio passage and sound box goes. You slide the phone pushing it there and lock it with the second part, the frame, that holds the base through several little snaps, starting from the top. To remove the iPhone just do the reverse action, removing the frame starting from the bottom.

The package includes a microUSB / USB cable, an extender to connect the headset if it does not enter the small and deep hole of the case and the basic manual, that could have saved half of the paper used.

The operation could not be simpler: press the button on the back for a few seconds to power it on and it already shows how much charge it has, through four lights and begin to charge the phone. If you want to know how much power it still has at any time simply press the same button quickly. To turn it off press the button for a few seconds again. Either way you will know if the iPhone is being charged by the icon of the lightning that appears next to the battery icon on the screen, like with any other charger.

In the first tests:
- The case had 3 indicator lights, the iPhone had 3% battery. The iPhone was charged by the case in an hour and a half, reaching 75% power, with some use while charging. The phone was connected to  3G network, with wi-fi and bluetooth on.
- I noticed a small heating of the case while charging the iPhone, when placed in the pocket. Nothing uncomfortable, but better keep an eye and avoid keeping in tight spot during charging.
- The battery case was then charged with its original cable on a Macbook Pro, reaching full charge in just under 3 hours.

In the second test the battery fully discharged and the iPhone disconnected. I connected the Yogo case,  the battery symbol appeared on the screen and the Apple logo showed right after for a few seconds and the phone powered on.

The iPhone battery was fully charged in less than two hours and the battery cover still got one indicator light of power. But this time the phone was hardly used.

Then I noticed that the Yogo case stoped charging the phone when it was fully charged, preserving its extra energy to be used when the user chooses.

- 2400mAh sufficient for charging more than 100% of the 5c's battery;
- Solid construction, including when it's mounted;
- "Velvety" finish, different from the glossy iPhone, very nice;
- Good power button and easy to understand display lights;
- Good ergonomics to hold the device and use the screen even with higher frame at the front, because it is inclined, not disturbing the fingers even in the corners;
- Good volume buttons;
- Delivers what it promises.

- Heating, although understandable it is still unpleasant.
- The process of placing and removing the phone is not very nice, requiring care to fit all snap points and it's a little hard to disengage the frame;
- The holes for the power and silent buttons could be larger, or more open at the top, making it slightly difficult to reach;
- Could use the iPhone charger. Despite what this way you have an opportunity to charge it in places that others only have Androids, and so microUSB cables.
- Necessary to use the adapter to use virtually any wired headset.

Of course the phone is kinda big with this case, but the convenience of being able to carry your moving battery with nothing hanging makes the product worth the hassle.

The Yogo cover is available in the colors of the iPhone 5c (white, red, yellow, blue and green).

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