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Monday, August 25, 2014

Where to go to leave this third world country de merde?

I want to live in Canada. It looks like the best compromise between quality of life, development and weather. The scandinavians are cool, but too cool, literally. They look lonely and hard on the psych. US was my first choice, leading with my car passion. Great roads, a county built around the personal transportation and its freedom to go how and when i like to go. So you probably guessed i didn’t want New York.

Europe was my previous choice, with the tremendous ability to go to various countries in a blink, in some awesome roads too, like Top Gear told me. But the cities aren’t so car friendly, with speed cameras, speed bumps and all other sorts of stuff that limits your speed and your patience. The first choice there was England, but i can’t ignore the fact that they still worship a queen. That’s so medieval and it makes no sense to me, besides some sort of nasty control over the masses. How can anyone in 2014 cheer for an old lady that didn’t do anything to get there, besides being appointed by god, which is on its on annoying, and doesn’t do nothing, spending all that money to do nothing in gold.

(listening: when the pimp is in the crib, yo. drop it like it’s hot)

So, Canada. They have acceptable weather (sometimes), are sufficiently developed and have a good economy for me to feel like i moved to the future and are close to the good stuff of the US. The most important thing although is the way they live: nice and polite without being all that boring. People make fun of them on the webs for saying sorry too much. I like that. I like people that say and are sorry. They’re concerned with others. I’m tired of the jackassery that i see everywhere. People doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and expect me to take their bullshit home, everyday.

And hockey. That’s fun. I hardly can see their ball but that’s definitely fun. And i like to skate too.

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