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Monday, September 12, 2016

The first website about mobile phones in Brazil

I fell in love with mobile phones when I noticed that it was possible to have just one device to
communicate, take pictures and, above all, take my music with me everywhere. Then I started researching and I noticed that we, in Brazil didn’t have any dedicated source of information about these wonders of technology.

I could get all the information I needed from abroad, because I already understood English, but I couldn’t get the specifics of our local market: different phone specifications, prices and the real availability of models in my country. We had some tech sites announcing some big phones being launched around the world and when they got to us, and that was basically it.

So I had an opportunity to satisfy my needs, the needs of those who didn’t understand English and a potential product. Great, now I just had to learn how to create a website. It wasn’t easy at all, but I found the best platform for my needs and went for it.

First I learned how to set up everything: hosting, database, FTP and a little code to make it as close as possible to what I wanted. Then I started creating content: news, reviews, analysis. After that came promotion, social media, ads and statistics.

I created some original content that captivated the readers, like a “Battle of the phones” series of articles, where I compared two similar mobile phones and pointed each ones strengths, weaknesses and gave a clear opinion about what type of user they were best suited for. Readers loved it and kept asking for more, saying which battles they wanted to see next.

I started to get the manufacturers attention, received test samples and was invited to launch events. I even wrote some reviews for a promotional platform made by LG.

I also started the trend of disclosing public documents of the national regulatory agency to break news about new models coming to Brazil. I even got featured in international websites a few times - like Engadget and GSM Arena - for showing some models pictures and specifications to the world for the first time, on some rare occasions that Brazil was their first market to be launched in.

My website was trampled by the competition when they caught on, mainly because I wasn’t able to find associates to share the load with me, although some personal issues got in the way too.

Nevertheless it was a fantastic experience, I learned a lot about digital marketing, the myriad of things related to it, and I definitely made my mark on the future of that market in Brazil.

*You can still see, and navigate, my website on the WayBack Machine Internet Archive. Here is a link for the best quality snapshot I found there: http://web.archive.org/web/20110202115152/http://celularcafe.com.br

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