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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My name is Daniel and i like to game. And create stuff. And to think stuff.

My english is not very good (yet) and this blog is one of the things i´m doing to perfect it (corrections are welcomed). At least i know the difference between "your" and "you´re" ;) .

I think i have good ideas but most importantly, i like to discuss them, write it down, plan, execute and share.

I love "driving" games and i say "driving" because "racing" is not the most important feature for me in games like that. I´ll probably explain this better later in a dedicated post. But like my music i´m pretty eclectic, playing a lot of shooters, beat'em ups, puzzles, etc. I don´t have much patience for RPGs, with all that talking, but i don´t totally discard them.

Criticism is one of my main features and i´ll exercise that here, analyzing what drives me on or off some games. I pretend to post some related things in the means of technology, behaviors and my creations, like 3D stuff, "art" and whatever.

Maybe you can tell by now that i fancy a job in the games industry, and this is what i came up to join this with my own ideas, showing off some skills, interests, opinions and connecting with cool people.

- have a bachelor´s degree in Social Communication - Advertising, postgraduate in Strategic Marketing Management and i am studying Product Design;
- love cars;
- love music;
- play drums and guitar in a totally amateur level, just for fun;
- love technology, what it brings to our lives and the possibilities;
- had a website about mobile phones and did it all by myself, including creation in a CMS, tweaking code, content, press contacts, SEO, social media, Google tools and even revealed some phones to the world, having links from many great websites like Engadget and GSM Arena :) ;
- am having a blast with 3D software like 3DS Max, Alias and SolidWorks for the possibilities of showing an idea;
- want a Lamborghini.

Let´s dance?

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