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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My gaming history

Here i´ll try to remember and showcase my history in gaming.

I was terrible at Pac-Man and didn´t have the most wanted games: Enduro and River Raid. I played a lot of Asteroids and more Tennis that i should have.

Besides that i don´t remember much, aside from the controller rage.

Phantom System (NES)
Phantom System

This one came with a great childhood memory and lesson: i woke up in the middle of the night to open my Christmas presents, that "Santa" had already delivered. I hooked up the console and started playing the awful Ghostbusters game that came with it until my mother entered the room spitting fire to my actions. I had to get back to bed and wait till the sunrise to get back to gaming.

Super Nintendo
Me and my brother got a SNES gaming system with an extra joystick and a Street Fighter II cartridge. What else could we want?

I still have the box and the console, but Street Fighter II is gone :( . Now i have StarFox, which is an awesome game, and a shitty Aliens 3 (or something). Waiting to find a great batch of games in a garage sale or something (they are expensive here!).

Tiny Toons was one other game that i had here and had much fun. At this time i rented a lot of games to, like Battletoads and an NCAA that i finished just in time to go to school at monday, after a long long weekend.

A huge gap from the consoles here. I remember playing TOCA in the first laptop that i have seen, which my father brought from work. And it was so much better than our desktop computer!

MSX Expert

My gaming quest in personal computers started with an MSX Expert, which had an 8-bit 3,58MHz processor, 64KB RAM and 16KB video memory!

This MSX computer had cartridges, but they where very expensive and i had only one that came with it: Olympics II (awful). But, if you don´t know, is used K7 tapes to load programs and games, meaning that we could share them easily. Good times. You can see the process of loading a game into this PC here (sounds like an old internet modem). I played and awesome (monochrome, stylish!) Indiana Jones game like that (among others), and it crashed A LOT.

Then Need For Speed struck me. This episode marks the beginning of my "hardcore" gaming.

Playstation 3
Can i get back to the consoles, please?

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