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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Boom2: the Mac app that´ll blow your head off (your senses and literally, almost)

So i got this tip of the Boom application to boost my Macbook Pro audio. A simple app that would increase the system´s overall volume, solving annoyances like that YouTube video that you can´t hear quite well.

It turns out that this app was a nightmare, giving me more headaches and others real trouble.

I installed it in its first version and was amazed by the increase in volume. Shortly after the problems started to appear. My computer couldn't keep a steady behaviour. I was listening to music just fine, received a FaceTime call, the volume would drop to a record low and i couldn't adjust it in the system slider nor the Boom slider. I had to quit the app to restore normal levels and be able to listen to the other person.

In other times it was the opposite! I had to open the app to listen to anything, after changing what i was doing.

Then i discovered that a new version was available: Boom 2! With awesome new features that i wouldn't and didn't want to use, i jus wanted a system wide higher volume, but i hoped it would manage thing better. It got worse.

With Boom 2 i had to go to System Preferences to change the audio output, while its behaviour became more and more erratic.

The final straw came when nothing was allowing me to have a video chat, i couldn't listen to the other person no matter what i did. So i put my headphones on and proceeded to delete the app. Nothing. I kept talking, searched the inter webs and started deleting hidden files but the freaking thing wouldn't go away, always appearing in audio settings. And that wasn't the worst part: while this conversation was happening i changed the audio output to Boom 2 to see if i´d get any options and immediately the other person starts complaining about a big, big noise, that make her actual headache worst. The conversation was over and so this app.

I had to download it again to use their uninstall option, that others say don't do much, but it was the only way i found by now. I lost my nerve to keep searching for solutions and the devs offer only confusing answers in its forums. Google is full of complains and no easy way out.

I think that after all this and several reboots it´s gone. Hope for the best.

Boom! Headshot. Don´t use it.

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