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Monday, September 14, 2015

Sheryl Crow and a Fiat gave me a moment of happiness

I just watched this TED Talk by a designer saying how design can make you happy. One of his stories made me relive one of the moments of my life that i felt real happiness.

He made a list of happy moments and after highlighted those that had a part of it attributed to design. One of them occurred when he borrowed a motorcycle and drove trough some great roads listening to the new album of The Police with his new Sony´s Walkman. So he cites the part of those two products on his happy moment.

Instantly i remembered one of the greatest moments of my life, regarding a happy feeling with something not so remarkable.

My story occurs at the compact disc times, before we have digital music of any kind. So we had some difficulties obtaining certain CDs, and i was looking everywhere for a live album by singer Sheryl Crow, don´t remember what led me to that chase.

When i finally found it, it was an imported item with an outrageous price. I had the money but i came home that day empty handed, disappointed but feeling rational.

Less than a week later i decided to go back to the store and buy it, i simply had to have it. I needed that particular song, especially. So i borrowed my father´s car and went on one of them gruelling trips, not knowing if that glorious CD was still available.

It was! I paid it with a little discomfort, i must admit, but without hesitation. That´s where this car is important. Being my father´s meant that this Fiat Tipo was the best in the house. I didnt have much access to it and was very lucky that he was in a good mood that day.

I love cars and i love driving. The tale of that guy before with a motorcycle and the legality of not using a helmet at that time, thus allowing the good use of the Walkman, only brings me fear of death and mosquitoes in my mouth. Although, blasting a good sound while driving is music to my brain. And that awesome car, the very best that i could drive, was awesomer for having a CD player, a great deal then.

So i get inside the Fiat and calmly but anxiously removed that damn plastic wrapping. Inserted it in the dash, turned it on and was transported to the land of happiness! I left the parking lot singing my lungs out and floating over the pavement. Everything tingled and vibrated with that gathering of car and music. I was feeling emotional. I was feeling feelings, a lot of them. And if i had to get rid of that disc right after, it would be worth the money, justo for those minutes spent with track 8, called "If it makes you happy". It really, really can´t be that bad.

Embeded video

Sheryl Crow, If it makes you happy - Album: Sheryl Crow and friends live from central park

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