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Friday, September 4, 2015

Upgrading my Macbook´s HD with SSD and searching for expanding: memory stick or microSD?

YES, i finally am on the solid state of drive, with much more speeeeeeeeeed! I´ve just exchanged the original 500gb HD with a Sandisk Ultra Plus with 256gb and the hole left in my storage capacity left me wandering. And wondering, of course.

Now i´m hunting for some extra space for "stuff", aiming for the cheapest way to have some of my capacity back.

I chosen to use a smaller drive because price. The 256gb SSD is about half the price of a 500gb one and i´m saving for that new iPhone.

And i managed to find a good deal on a (little) used Sandisk SSD, which is better and was cheaper than the cheapest Kingston V300 that i found. The Sandisk has more power, meaning it has 16gb more space than the 240gb Kingston and it can carry my packages faster too. Around 20-30% faster according to the interwebs.

The SSD status on Sandisk´s website
About the security of buying a second hand drive, i found that if you register this one on the manufacturer´s website you can have the 3 year warranty. That´s a little odd because they say that i have the full warranty starting now, so i think they consider the date of registration, not the purchase. Someone in some forums told that they did that, including some talk with the customer service saying that an invoice or any other proof of purchase is not necessary.

I decided to risk it anyway on the thought that this SSD was launched in 2013, so i would have at least some warranty until 2016. Anyway, let´s hope that it doesn't show any problems.

The swap is incredibly simple in my 2012 non-retina 13" Macbook Pro: take the back cover off,
Can you see the plastic thing holding the disk?
Above tha transparent thing to pull it off
unplug the battery for safety, remove two screws of a plastic piece that holds the old drive, push it out. disconnect the wire and pass the four screws on its sides to the new one. These screws have a big head that go in some holes to hold the drive in place. That´s what the plastic piece removed before is locking. Slide the new awesome SSD in place, get this plastic thing back in place, screw it and done!! Just remember to reconnect the battery before closing the back panel.

I cloned my drive to the new one before that, using the Carbon Copy Cloner, which is better than using the MacOS Disk Utility because this one doesn't create the Recovery partition, useful to restore your system. That´s what i was told. You can use their full featured 30 day trial.

Then you just have to remember to go to System Preferences > Startup Disk, select your amazing SSD and clicking to restart you machine. That way the system knows that the new SSD is the boss and boots faster, not bothering to look for who will be in charge every time.

Now i want to buy something cheap to make up for the lost capacity. I can have a memory stick of up to 128gb to do that, so i went researching and found that:
- a memory stick with USB 3.0 is mandatory, because it can reach about half the speed of the almighty SSD, which is already not ideal, but a USB 2.0 reaches less than half of the 3.0 and that is unacceptable;
Can you see it?
- the stick has to be one of the micro ones, because i can't have a big wobbling thing hanging out of my computer. I WILL break that;
- the other option is to have a microSD card in the memory card bay, with a small adapter (which i this one in the picture!) for the same reason as before, so i wouldn't break it;
found that is not common but exists, look at
- but apparently the memory card works at half the speed of a memory stick either, so i´ll probably go with that 3.0 thing.

So i´ll probably go for the Sandisk Ultra Fit, which is affordable and have good reviews (and is discounted at only 30 bucks for 128gb! Hurry).

PS: don´t buy a cheap set of tools. I was surprised by the tip of this screwdriver falling off and by the bigger Skil one to manage the tiny screws.

PS2: i forgot! Fack! i´ll update if i remember. Update (literally 2 minutes later): does anyone say "pen drive" for a memory stick or flash drive?

Oh! I remembered again: PS3: isn't it an awesome name? Sandisk Ultra Plus. Can the next one be like Ultra Plus ++ Mega Tera? Pleeeeeaaaaaseeee!

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