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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Why i´ll wait for the new iPhone 6S to finally get the screen i deserve

Apple will announce the new iPhones next week, at an event that will probably see the evolution of the "sixes", a new Apple TV and some other minor stuff.

When i gave Android up for being too unreliable, almost two years ago, my major regret was the absence of a bigger screen, but i was so pleased with the new experience, that it wasn't a deal breaker.

I started with an iPhone 4S and my immediate problem was the 8gb storage, the only option at the time. So i moved to a 5C in just about 3 months, yet still missing the gorgeous body of the 4th iteration of Apple´s mobile.

I think of a smartphone as the ultimate convergence device, being why i didn't care for something like an iPod since 2006 when i achieved the goal of my first one with a good capacity, the beloved Nokia N91. So i went for the 32gb iPhone 5C, mainly to suit my need of having a good chunk of music with  me at all times, with no hassle like more devices to carry, worry, charge, etc.

And since my years of struggle with various Android models i think that around 4,5 inches is the ideal size for a good screen, that maintains my pocket happy. For me it´s the perfect ratio between practicality and a comfortable general use.

With the introduction of the iPhone 6, i didn't feel that raging need for upgrading, although it was good since i didn't have the money, didn't like the camera bump that would make it a nightmare for using over a table and was really fairly satisfied with my green 5C, which is good looking too.

Now things have changed: i can manage to squeeze the money, the 5C´s screen size is starting to piss me off and the storage is getting smaller. At least i have a bit of a good timing now.

The upcoming 6S promises a better camera, the new force touch to add one more source of interaction, no more camera protuberance, better performance and an obligatory 64gb upgrade.

But to be honest my most anticipated are the screen and the ability to record slow motion videos - i just love them since the low-res ones in that stupid old LG that i endured for some time, late in the day.

So, i´m not dreaming with Lamborghini features like i did before, since the cards are already dealt and i´m already excited with them and any "one more things" will be just a bonus.

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