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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Workflow iOS app: much fun, very integration and my first good one (Tweet a Gif)

My workflows
The primary thing that i miss from Android is automating stuff - but it won´t make me come back to that mess. Probably because it makes a mess, thus rendering this ability not useful, that kind of practicality is not available on iPhones (and this is the same reason i do not jailbreak - see an example from today).

I´ve tried IFTTT but it mainly, or totally, only share things. Now i tried the new Workflow app, that doesn't give the full liberty as an Android but is worth the $4,99 price tag.

Workflow lets you drag and drop actions, prompts, variables, etc in an orderly fashion and make things happen in the same way.

You can send a street view image of your current location by text message or WhatsApp with a couple of clicks.

You can select a bunch of pictures, make a gif or a collage in the same way and post it to Twitter or Facebook.

You can get directions to the nearest pizza or coffee place with one click.
Part of my workflow

AAAnd you can make a personalised workflow with a bunch of stuff to suit your needs.

This is what i made from my personal way of using things: scroll down the notifications panel, click the workflow button; it opens asking for text input, that i can write something like "angry", if i´m having a bad day, and it opens gifs with this tag on Giphy (if nothing is written i´ll see the newest ones); i touch the gif that represents my current state and the Workflow app shows me a preview, because otherwise i´ll only see the small and clunky thumbnail; then it asks me if that one gif will do, i say yes; it asks me if i want to add text, i say no because i´m angry, and it publishes the gif on my Twitter.

You can see a preview and download it here.

I loved it! I had fun creating it and now i flood my followers with moving images in poor quality.

The best part is that if you don´t love it but like the general idea, you can download it and just do it your way, like removing the preview and the questioning to do it quickly.


Actions to choose
It´s a new app so it crashes sometimes, and some workflows simply doesn´t work - like it works to make an useless PDF but it won't to make an awesome grid collage of your photos. The input is the same, so why??

It misses some basic resources, like one to restart the flow, like if you don´t like that gif. Today i have to click play again to start over (i know, awful).

They have only a curated gallery of available flows, so i may be missing something awesome like my Tweet a Gif.

It is still difficult to understand how to use some of the actions, at least for a non-programmer like me  (variables are tough, man!).

But it works in iPad and Apple Watch too! But i don´t have those, so i don´t know if it really works there.


So it´s great and have potential to be indispensable. Buy it here if you liked it and have fun!

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