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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Review: Two Dots, iOS game

When I’m playing on my mobile phone I prefer to play puzzle games, since they offer a simple
experience with the added benefit of allowing me to play one-handed. Casual. Two Dots fulfills these requirements with several twists.

The game has a great plot: you are connecting dots to beat the levels and travel through earth, space and other planets. Err, not so great really. But the creativity fully makes up for that. In each level you have to connect dots of the same color to achieve some objective. The objectives vary between connecting a number of dots of a certain color, destroying squares or dropping anchors all the way to the bottom. When two or more dots are connected they disappear. If you connect dots that complete a square or any other closed shape, all of the dots of the same color disappear.

The levels range from a 10 by 10 grid full of dots to smaller grids, including several layouts with spaces that have no dots and bricks occupying a space that have to be destroyed by connections made beside it, so they can be used. This variety of layouts coupled with special dots and spaces make this game highly entertaining. If only it wasn’t so irritating, with some levels being very difficult, I could play it forever. You can make it easier if you don’t mind spending some money. The game is free and you get five lives. When your lives are gone, you have to wait 20 minutes for each one to “fill up”, but you can buy more lives or more moves to finish that annoying level. The game offers some power-ups too, that can be activated at the beginning of each level or during them.

Overall a great game, with some 700 levels and increasing, Two Dots can be utterly irritating. All in all, it really caught my attention with its simple mechanics, great visuals and by putting my brain to work.

Two Dots is free on the App Store.

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