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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gilmore Girls filling my TV void

Yes, i am watching Gilmore Girls. I just wanted something light and funny, and that Mother Gilmore is a pretty lady. I was surprised, because i thought i would just get the pretty lady and get bored soon enough.

It's not my favourite tv show of all time, probably not even this weeks favourite, or anytime favourite for that matter. But. But it's funny. And it's light. That is what i wanted. It's like that thing that is on tv when you're eating alone, something harmless and cheerful to look at. I don't get this anymore since i don't have a tv.

I miss this little detail about the tv: the immediacy and practicality of just turning something on while doing something else. But i don't tolerate all the other annoyances of the tv channels, like commercial brakes with higher volumes and all the times that what is on is not remotely close to something i'd watch. So i love to have something simple and fast for those moments, with the added benefit of starting when i want so i don't miss the beginning, i can pause and all the related conveniences.

This role is usually filled by some beloved series that i'm watching again, like House or Top Gear, but it's good to have something new. The Girls are starting to become repetitive really quick, but for now, their quick talk and funny, endless comebacks are still entertaining me, so.

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