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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Ed Bolian: a very interesting car guy

Ed Bolian is a very interesting man. Not only he is a car guy with a great history and great stories, he
tells them in a peculiar and very captivating way.

The first thing that caught my attention about Ed is the Lamborghini Gallardo. This is my favorite car ever and I stumbled on one of his stories featuring this beautiful supercar. The story is his best one in my opinion, where he buys a blue Gallardo from a prostitute. He tells it in a way that makes the whole troubled process very entertaining, overtaking my natural anxiety of dealing with such problematic interactions. Watch it:

At every step of that story I was cringing at the prospect of dealing with such a mess of a situation, each person adding to an increasing level of hopelessness about a good thing coming from those interactions, and somewhat the end result is like everybody is happy and all told in such an interesting way that I have a better view of the world we live in.

The aforementioned Lamborghini is present again in another part of Ed's journey that inspires me: he launched his own car rental company in which his first product was the one and only Gallardo. This also makes me admire this guy a lot, since this is something I feel like I would never be able to accomplish, but he got a financing deal, bought the car and initiated a very complicated business following his passion. With the car of my dreams.

Bolian found some notoriety by beating the record for the Cannonball Run, an illegal race across the United States inspired by the movie of the same name, where he took 28 hours and 50 minutes to go from New York to LA in a prepped Mercedes with two other fellas.

He went on to grow his business and collect a lot of stories involving his cars and clients, selling the company to become a sales director for a luxury car dealership where he got more stories like the one above and now he founded yet another company. This new endeavour is basically an app for users to post facts of their and others cars, serving as a database for enthusiasts and buyers to follow the life of every vehicle.

I am well aware that his journey so far was most likely not a sea of roses, but just by seeing how he faces some of those obstacles and how entertaining, well spoken and creatively he talks about them is an inspiration and a joy to me. And I appreciate the fact that he found the wonders of the inbound marketing trend to be a nice way to promote his new endeavour, since we all have a way to enjoy all these great moments of automotive life.

Ed Bolian's website
His app's website
Youtube channel with a lot of his an other's stories

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