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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

House MD is Obama's anger translator (t-shirt)

I watched the House tv series 3 times now. And I watched all the episodes for Key & Peele's anger

translator Luther many times too. I love both characters and they are very different: one is from a serious show dealing with serious issues between life and death situations and the other is a comedy show exploring in hilarious fashion a personality trait of the former US president. But they have something that makes them overlap in a perfect way: truth.

They are both angry indeed, with Gregory House being furious at life for his upbringing, his injury and relationship difficulties. While Luther is hired to be angry, letting out this emotion on behalf of the president that is incapable of doing so, because of his public role and/or personality.

But the focus of that anger is to let the truth out. The president would express himself better and the doctor is trying to fix the world, maybe. So the president lies for political reasons, sugar coating everything because of this big game of appearances, and Luther is there to make everything clear. The doctor is what we could call a public Luther, where he's showing everybody their lies whether they want it or not.

So there's when I came up with this mashup design, that shows House as Luther, watching and spewing out the truth behind someone's words. He just wouldn't be able to jump as much as the presidential assistant do while translating one's thoughts.

If you like it, BUY IT HERE, if you don't, tell me why.

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